Saturday, November 26, 2011

Reflective Teaching:Exploring our own classroom practice

ma'am your blog is providing valuable information about reflective teaching which is very useful for teachers and teacher educators. Reflective teaching is a cyclic process, because once we start to implement changes, then the reflective and evaluative cycle begins again.

What am I doing? ----Why am I doing it?------How effective is it?-----How are the students responding?---------How can I do it better?

As a result of reflection a teacher may decide to do something in a different and more productive way. Unfortunately we seldom reflect on ourselves. I would like to introduce few simple questions every teacher should ask after completing a lesson:

1-Can I state one thing that the students took back with them after my lesson?

2-Can I state one thing that I wanted to do but was not able to it because any reason?

3-Can I state one thing that I should not have done in this lesson?

4-Can I state one thing that I achieved 90/90 criterion.

5-Can I state one thing that I think I did well?

Answer to these questions will enable the teacher to do better in the future.

Sukirti Goel

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